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Homework Help: texas history

Posted by beth on Monday, November 9, 2009 at 11:06am.

Need help with texas history -what were the illegal immigants called?

I really need help! I am doing a treasure hunt where our teacher gave us questions to answer. I have answered them all except one and I cannot find it at all. we cannot use wiki as a source. if you have an answer, please give me a link to look up as I have to provide a link. Heres the question:
"the original 300 were not the only immigrants into texas during this time, although they were the only Legal ones. Others had come from the United states over the years and settled in the eastern portion of the state. they would illegally cross both the sabine and red rivers. what are these illegal immigrants and smugglers called? the same term is used today only in a slightly different way. How and why was smuggling such a lucrative proposition in the eastern portion of the state?
please please help.
the only thing I could think of was illegal aliens, but I cant find a source that says its right.

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