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Posted by Aaliyah on Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 6:03pm.

Can anyone tell me if I answered this correctly? Please help.

2. Assignment: Erikson’s Timeline

• Write a 350- to 700-word paper that explains in which of Erikson’s eight stages of life you believe you are currently.

• Explain why you think you are at that stage and describe that stage in your paper. What is the central question posed during that stage? How have you consciously or unconsciously sought to answer that question? Provide specific examples.

• Choose someone you know who you think is at another stage in his or her life. Briefly describe that stage. What is a central question posed during that stage? How has this person consciously or unconsciously sought to answer that question? Provide specific examples.

After reading the material in week 7, I find that out of Erikson eight stages of life, I believe I am currently in the 7th stage which is also known as the Generativity vs. Stagnations stage which occurs during mature adulthood. I believe I am in this stage because of my need to be needed. The prototype for generativity is raising children. By being good and caring parents, Erikson argued, many adults fulfill their basic need to be needed and directly promote the next generation. The generative adult commits him or herself to some activity that is larger than his or her own life, investing significant time and creative energy into an endeavor that “will live on”. Also the central question posed during this stage is “How can I fashion a gift?” Which to me means, what type of legacy I can leave behind for the next generation or for my children? I think that I have consciously answered this question by basically being involved in my children lives, by taking them to football practice getting in involved in school activities, having them to help me put icing on cupcakes. My gift is to be a good mother for them so that they will always have the memories when I am gone.
On the other hand my 6 year old son is in the 4th stage in the Erickson’s eight stages of life also know as the Industry vs. Inferiority which occurs during childhood (school aged) with this Erickson’s states that the child begins school and must tome imagination and impulses, and please others, if adults support the child’s efforts, a sense of competence develops, but if a caretaker do not support the child feeling or inferiority are likely to develop. Too much inferiority, and inertia or helplessness occurs (underachievers). Too much competency and the child becomes an adult too fast, and develop either into a Histrionic or Shallow person. Moreover the central question posed during this stage is “How can I be good?” I think my son has consciously sought to answer this question by behaving in school and cleaning his room or doing things when he is told to do them, and being the best big brother that he can be.

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