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Posted by Jess on Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 10:27pm.

R for run on sentence, CS for comma splice, F for fragment, and C for correct sentence. Some correct sentences can be punctuated more effectively, however.

1. Carlos took the job and he was happy to get it.

2. Tono loves Chinese food, he eats it three times a week.

3. Lovie congratulated Jake and wished him success.

4. Ms. Nois wrote an article about Philadelphia. One of the local magazines buying it.

5. Pancho refuses to eat at the school cafeteria last year he found a roach in his tea.

6. Mr. Altman donated five chairs, four tables, and three barrels.

7. After the storm ended people came out of their houses.

8. My paper is due in three days, thus I cannot go to the movie.

9. The people have voiced their views, therefore they city council must act.

10. Since the money is in the budget, you might as well spend it.

11. The more I know about you, the better I like you.

12. Go to college it is worth the effort.

13. Tell me a good joke and I will tell you a better one.

14. The team had difficulty winning. Several players not caring about the team as a whole.

15. The players have had a bad season, as a result, a number of personality clashes have come to the surface.

16. When a good coach does television commercials he is near retirement.

17. Some coaches become so popular that they are more powerful than colleges presidents.

18. The American public loves football, television rating indicate this preference.

19. We support you we appreciate you.

20. We are impressed with you however, we cannot offer you a job at this time.

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