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Could some please tell me if I did these problems correctly? (I know that I did not Cancel common aqueous ions yet)

Write the net ionic equation for the following
1)Mixing solution of barium acetate and sodium phosphate
2)Mixing solution of thallium sulphate and magnesium chloride

My answer:
3Ba2+(aq)+6CH3COO –(aq)+6Na+(aq)+2PO43-(aq)=Ba3 (PO4)2(s)+6CH3COO –(aq)+2Na3+ (aq)

2Ti+(aq)+SO42–(aq)+Mg2+(aq)+2Cl–(aq) =2TiCl (s)+SO4-2(aq)+Mg-2(aq)

Thank you

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    I thought thallium sulfate is soluble. Check that.

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    I thought I put it as soluble, because I broke it up to 2Ti+(aq)and SO42–(aq. Correct me if I'm wrong. Is the rest okay?

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    You have a real problem with thallium. You are using Ti and that's titanium. See Tl here.

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