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physics - HELP ASAP!

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A 3.60 kg ball is dropped from the roof of a building 184.8 m high. While the ball is falling to earth, a horizontal wind exerts a constant force of 12.1 N on the ball.

(acceleration of gravity = 9.81 m/s^2)

How far from the building does the ball hit the ground?

What is the speed when it hits the ground?

  • physics - HELP ASAP! -

  • physics - HELP ASAP! -

    the acceleration is 6.1380649213407

    dont know the rest its a 3 part problem

  • physics - HELP ASAP! -

    Read my first answer. Bob Pursley gave you the link to it.

    You were not asked to compute an acceleration.

    You only asked a one part question

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