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Heat of Formation

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When 10.00 g of iron is burned in O2(g)to form Fe3O4 (s) , enough heat is generated to raise the temperature of 784 g of water from 18.0 C to 38.0 C.

Calculate the heat of formation of Fe3O4 (s) under these conditions in kJ/mol.

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    Assume you have one mole of FeO.Fe2O3

    Find the mol mass of that.

    Then find how many moles you have in 10g

    heatformation= masswater*specificheat*20C/molesFeO.Fe2O3

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    I got 1518 kJ/mol using that equation, but I still got it wrong. Did I do something wrong?

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    Let me see your data.
    molesIronoxide= ...
    specific heat constant....

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    0.04319 moles F3O4

    Specific Heat Constant: 4.18 J/mol*C

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