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Find the common ratio and write out the first four terms of the geometric sequence bracket (3 to the power of n-1)/(10) bracket

???? please help me!

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    For n=1, 3^(n-1)/10 = 1/10
    For n=2, 3^1/10 = 3/10
    For n=3, 3^2/10 = 9/10
    For n=4, 3^3/10 = 27/10

    The ratio of successive terms is 3.

    I don't know why you wrote "bracket" at the end of your question.

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    there are two brackets, one on each side of the problem. The ratio was right thank you! But it said the n=1-4 was wrong?

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    what is the answer for 15460 divide by ten?

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