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Posted by Ashley on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 11:05pm.

Tittle: "Shakespeare in Love Movie Notes and Reaction Question"

what do you know about Shakespeare's family life?

What do you notice about Shakespeare's love life?

What do you notice about how Shakespeare writers his plays and peoms?

what do you notice about the actors in Shakespeare's plays?

What do you notice about society and the segregation of classes during the late 1500's?

What do you notice about entertainment during Shakespeare's time?

1. Why did Viola have to pretend to be a boy to act in Romeo and Ethel,the Pirate's Daughter?

2. Explain two example of how Shakespeare's affair with Viola parallels his play,Romeo and Juliet?

3.Predict the success of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night,Or What You Will at the end of the movie,and why you made the prediction you did.

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