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One canned juice drink is 25% orange juice another is 5% orange juice. How many liters of each should be mixed together in order to get 20L that is 24% orange juice?

How many liters of the 25% orange juice should be in mixture?

How many liters of the 5% orange juice should be in mixture?

How can I solve this problem, or what is the best method??

I started the problem and got stuck, I first started with x= amount of 25%
and y= amount of 5%


is this correct so far? and I am stuck here...

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    Where does the 54 come from ?

    The second equation should have been
    .25x + .05y = .24(20)
    times 100 --->
    25x + 5y = 480

    now multiply your first by 5
    5x + 5y = 100

    subtract this from the other one...
    20x = 380
    x = 19

    then y = 1

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    ohhh... thank you.... no wonder why I got stuck.. I missed a step and miscalculated thank you so much

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