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Arrange the following from the most work to the least. For each instance, calculate the total amount of work done. Show all calculations, including units of measure.

1. pushing a box of math books weighing 600 newtons a distance of 20 meters

2. pulling a television weighing 400 newtons down a hallway of 35 meters
3. pushing a stalled truck weighing 7,500 newtons a distance of 0.4 meters
4. carrying several textbooks weighing 130 newtons, over the course of a semester, for 5,000 meters
i am quite confused... would it be 4,2,1,3 or is that wrong and why? pleeaassee help!

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    You are wasting your time, and mine, here. Why?

    I have told you several times, work is the product of force times distance in the direction of the force. Weight is down. Moving horizontal is not down. No work is done.

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