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Ck:Paper completely for all errors and let me know it error at the end of essay.

Advices To Overcome Difficult Times

We all have been through some difficult time in our lives. Some of the times might noot have been bad as others problem, but we still can help others by advicing them what to do and what ot to do. I have had some really tough times in my life, but I continued to press through those times because I realized that it would be some brighter days ahead.
To begin with,we all can help others that we know are going through difficult times by giving them encouraging words. Sometimes, all people need to know is that someone is thinking about then and that they are not alone. Many times,people have difficult times because they don't have the money to pay bills, or they try to keep up with someone else and put themselves in a bin.
Next, I would advice them to pray about the problem. When we pray something have to change because we are God children. Often time, we just worry and start complaining to others, but the key thing is to pray about the situation. My next advice for them would be to hang around some positive people that is going to bring your spirit up and not make matters worst. You could even go somewhere you normal wouldn't go to forget about the hard times that you are having.
In conclusion, we all have had rough times in our lives. We can help a person that is trying to overcome a difficult time in so many ways. There are some people that is just gifted with being able to help somone else overcome depression. I have had difficult times in my life, but I realized that there was no need for me to be depressed or feel alone because I knew that there would be some better days.

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