February 28, 2017

Homework Help: Grammar and Composition Bobpursley

Posted by y912f on Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 5:21pm.

i put this post up at 2:21, i don't think you saw it:

alright. i only have two things to point out. first, in Paragraph #4, 'Explain how the THIRD POINT is developed in this paragraph.' you said 'it does mention yard and flowers and pool' but that is paragraph 3 not 4. 4 mentions his actions and behavior.

so please check that

and second, for for Paragraph #5, conclusion in the first thing to fill out it says does the FIRST SENTENCE RESTATE THE THESIS OR NOT. here is my sentence 'John E. Mackintosh’s life is that of a typical businessman because he dresses in expensive clothing, lives and drives in style, and survives in a busy life' and i think it does restate the thesis.

that's all

thank you so much for doing this for me

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