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Homework Help: Grammar and Compositon Bobpursley

Posted by y912f on Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 11:25am.

Ok! I put a good hour into this, and I really did try. Please don't be harsh if there are a lot of mistakes.

Drafting-Organization Sheet

1)_____________Phone Book Names_________________
2)_____________John E. Mackintosh_________________
4)Well dressed with expensive accessories
Rich house and cars
Easy going but busy person
5)John E. Mackintosh is a name found in a phone book that makes an impression of a rich person one me; he would be described as being well dressed with expensive accessories, having a rich house and cars, and being an easy going yet busy person.

Do you ever search through your phone book and come across a name that sounds strange, funny, or just a name that leaves you thinking of the character of that person? It is absolutely correct that there are names out there that leave a specific impression on a person about that individual’s traits or personality. For example, the name Angelic J. Pureheart and the name Lucifer F. Heller illustrate completely opposite feelings and ideas. One can make a guess that the first person would be the type who always tells the truth and does the right thing; this is not so for the second. John E. Mackintosh is a name found in a phone book that makes an impression of a rich person one me; he would be described as being well dressed with expensive accessories, having a rich house and cars, and being an easy going yet busy person.

The way one person would imagine John E. Mackintosh to look is probably the same for another person since there is a set impression of him for almost everyone. In my opinion, he would always be extremely well dressed in the most excellent designer clothing. In one hand he would clutch his phone, and in the other a heavy, brown briefcase. His physical appearance would almost immediately let somebody know that he is a wealthy businessman. Aside from his clothing, he would have on expensive accessories such as a big watch on his hand and shiny, black shoes.

If one were to experience a day with John E. Mackintosh, they would be overwhelmed by his surroundings. His several story mansion made of the finest brown bricks would be enough to keep a person staring at it for hours. Parked outside of the house is where one would find his numerous cars, consisting of only the latest models. Behind his mansion, there is a vast backyard decorated with gorgeous red and with roses; this is the place that holds a private swimming pool just for him. If this isn’t enough to satisfy a person then just wait until you step inside the mansion!

John E. Mackintosh’s behaviors and actions are something that each person will differ on. For me, John E. Mackintosh is a very easy going person, meaning that he is straightforward and uncomplicated. These qualities of his make him an easy person to become friends with since he is not demanding of others. The fact that he is a millionaire owning one of the biggest businesses of the world does not make him arrogant or selfish. However, his life is so hectic that he doesn’t usually find time to rest or even enjoy the luxuries he is living with. His wealth has made him a busy man, but once a person gets to know him, he actually is a very down to earth kind of guy.

John E. Mackintosh’s life is that of a typical businessman because he dresses in expensive clothing, lives and drives in style, and survives in a busy life. His demanding life doesn’t give him a chance to socialize or even time to enjoy his hobbies. Still, I believe, there is a simple, easy going guy inside of every wealthy man. Next time you look through your phone book, think on those names that show personality. Consider a day in their life.

ok. now i will post the Essay Revision Sheet.

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