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Posted by Mercedes on Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 8:44am.

Should people change their decisions when circumstances change, or is it best for them to stick with their original decisions?

Environments, including the people around us, the values of society and the opinions of the majority, always exert influence on our decision. Some people argue that we can achieve our goals and succeed only if we change our decision to adapt to the circumstances. As far as I am concerned, people should always stick to their original will and decisions to gain what they really desire and ignore the obstacles brought by the changes of environments.
Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, demonstrated that only if we insist on our original thoughts can we be successful. When Steve Jobs was 20, he found that he was extremely interested in computer and started Apple which grew in to a 2 billion dollars company in ten years. However, he was fired when he was 30. He changed from a great entrepreneur in to an unemployed man who lost his own company. The whole world paid attention to him and regarded him as a public failure. He has no idea what to do and once thought of leaving the valley and abandoning his career and the work he loved. But, finally, he found that he still loved his job and was determined to continue his work of computer. He started a new company which created the world¡¯s first animated figure film and is the best animation studio in the world today. Eventually, he managed to return to Apple to go on with his favorite job after Apple bought his new company. It was his perseverance in his original decision of his job and career that enabled him to overcome such great difficulty in his life. Had he given up his work after he was dismissed, he would not be able to do what his loved and would not achieve greatness as he does now.
The example above indicates that we should hold fast to our original decisions regardless of the changes of environments in order to reach our goals and obtain what we really want. We must make our decisions based on our own will and interest rather than the circumstances and stick to them to choose our own lives.

please score my essay and give me some advice. Thanks so much!!!

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