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4.0 gram of ferrous ammonium sulphate, FeSO4*(NH4)2SO4 * 6H2O, is used. Since the oxalate is in excess , Calculate the theoretical yield of the iron complex

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    If you know the equation, post it and I can help you through it. You don't give enough information about the problem for me to write the equation. "Since the oxalate is in excess" doesn't tell me what the oxalate is or what the iron complex is.

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    FeSO4•NH4)2SO4•6H2O + H2C2O4•2H20 --> FeC2O4 + (NH4)2SO4 + H2SO4 + 8H2O

    6FeC2O4 + 3H2O2 + 6K2C2O4•H2O -->
    4K3[Fe(C2O4)3]•3H2O + 2Fe(OH)3 + 6H2O

    2Fe(OH)3 + 3H2C2O4•2H2O + 3K2C2O4•H2O ---> 2K3[Fe(C2O4)3]•3H2O + 9H2O

    those are the equations DrBob222

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