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To examine the association between high blood sugar and glaucoma, a group of 3154 people was observed for a period of 20 years in the NYC metropolitan area. The study participants were middle age epidemiologists working in the tri-state area. Participants received a free physical and nutritional evaluation as well as an eye exam. A total of 1589 people were found to have high blood sugar levels and 1565 had normal blood sugar. The occurrence of glaucoma was evaluated every year. At the end of the study, there were 257 cases of glaucoma among the high blood sugar and 112 cases in the normal blood sugar group.

1. Complete the 2 by 2 table. Please fill in 2x2 table responses for all question marks. This means labeling disease and exposures and filling in the appropriate numbers in the table.
2. Calculate the relative risk.

3. What can be concluded about the relationship between high blood sugar and glaucoma?
4. The above is an example of what study design?
5. Is this study prospective, retrospective, or ambidirectional in its assessment of the outcome?

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