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general physics/rotational motion

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Two crates of mass m1 = 16 kg and m2 = 23 kg are connected by a cable that is strung over a pulley of mass mpulley = 22 kg as shown below. There is no friction between crate 1 and the table.

m1 is sitting on the table
mpulley is at the edge of the table to the right of m1
m2 is hanging off the table going straight down
there is a rope between m1 and m2 as well as the pulley-the rope going through the pulley then to m2

Express Newton's second law for the crates (translational motion) and for the pulley (rotational motion). The linear acceleration a of the crates, the angular acceleration á of the pulley, and the tensions in the right and left portions of the rope are unknowns. (Use the following variables as necessary: m_1 for m1, m_2 for m2, alpha for á, I_pulley for Ipulley, and R_pulley for Rpulley.)
ÓFm1 =
ÓFm2 =
Óô =

What is the relation between a and á?
a =

Find the acceleration of the crates. (Assume that the pulley is a cylinder.)

Find the tensions in the right and left portions of the rope.
Left Side N
Right Side N

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