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Homework Help: Socials-Ms. Sue

Posted by Sara on Sunday, November 1, 2009 at 7:20pm.

Ms. Sue, thanks to you, I have got to know a lot about Voltaire. Seriously If I have to pick a philosopher that I would agree with, then it would be Voltaire as well. In my book there was very little info about him, so that's why I didn't really get to know him as much as I knew about others. Rosseau had too many rules for people to live by, that's why I don't like him. Montesquieu on the other case was alright because his ideas never rose as high as the ideas of the others did. Ms. Sue I asked you this question because I really wanted to know who was your favorite philospher. Even though this was my question I asked you first because I wanted to see from your point of view that who was your favorite and why.

How is this: I agree with voltaire because mainly all his ideas revolved around individual liberties. He was the one to believe that people should have freedom of expression, religion, movement, the press, etc. Also he was the one to speak out against the financial inequality and the governemnt abuse in France. His ideas inspired revolutionaries to seek greater liberal rights and liberty. I don't know what the term used to describe this thinking is called.

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