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college physics

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A 190 g air-track glider is attached to a spring. The glider is pushed in 9.8 cm and released. A student with a stopwatch finds that 14 oscillations take 18.5 sec.
What is the spring constant?

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    frequency=1/2pi *sqrt(k/mass)
    and frequency is 1/period.

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    frequency= oscillations/second


    T= 1/f

    T= 2pi/w


    cross multiply

    w=2pi*0.76= 4.775 rad/s


    square both sides


    w^2 * m = k

    k = w^2 * m

    you have "w" and you have mass. Plug them in and find the spring constant. Don't forget to convert the mass from grams to kilograms.

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