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Posted by Sal on Friday, October 30, 2009 at 11:50am.

This is a very confusing question and I have no idea how to tackle it.

- In a nuclear reactor, neutrons released by nuclear fission must be slowed down before they can trigger additional reactions in other nuclei. To see what sort of material is most effective in slowing (or moderating) a neutron, calculate the ratio of a neutron's final kinetic energy to its initial kinetic energy,Kf/Ki , for a head-on elastic collision with each of the following stationary target particles. (Note: The mass of a neutron is ,m = 1.009u where the atomic mass unit,1u= 1.66x10^-27.

An Electron M= 5.49x10^-4 u = kf/ki
A Proton M= 1.007 u = kf/ki
A lead atom = 207.2 u = kf/ki?

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