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Suppose a 65-kg boy and a 45-kg girl use a massless rope in a tug-of-war on an icy, resistance-free surface. If the acceleration of the girl toward the boy is 3.0 m/s2, find the magnitude of the acceleration of the boy toward the girl.

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    The forces are the same

    solve for the man's acceleration

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    Tension of rope = T N
    Mass of girl, m = 45 kg
    Acceleration = 3.0 m/s²
    T = ma = 135 N
    Mass of boy, M = 65 kg
    T = MA,
    solve for acceleration A.

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    girl: 135 N
    boy mass: 65 kg

    135/65 = 2.0769 =

    2.077 m/s^2

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