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Before the French Revolution France had a system of government and society which was called the OLD REGIME.

In the 1780's France was experiencing many economic difficulties. LOUIS XVI called a meeting of the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY in order to discuss solutions to the difficulties.

However during the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY the 3RD ESTATE with some help from other ESTATES declared a new government which they called the LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.

Members of the LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY swore an oath not to disband until a DECLARATION OF RIGHTS had been written which would set out rules and laws on how the new government of France would function. This oath was called the ________?

This period was very chaotic. Not only was there a revolution occuring within the country to try and establish a new government but other countries were attacking France in order to put LOUIS XVI back on the throne & stop the revolution. THE NATIONAL CONVENTION was unable to control the situation and another more ELECTED government, replaced it called the REPUBLIC.

Under ROBESPIERRE a government called the COMMITTE OF PUBLIC SAFETY was established.

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