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24. The South African government changed its policy of apartheid in 1990 and 1991 because of
a. the policy's failure to eliminate racial discrimination
b. promises of economic aid from major industrial nations
c. international sanctions and an increase in protests by black South Africans
d. an economically devastating civil war between black South Africans and whites.

28. All of the following have contributed to South Africa's economic growth from 1950 to 1980 except
a. the country's reliance on coal as a source of energy
b. the availability of investment capital
c. an economic policy that rewarded its workers
d. a vast pool of inexpensive black South African labor

29. One major difference between the economies of Zambia and Zimbabwe is that in Zimbabwe
a. the economy was dependent on only one product--copper
b. no infrastructure was ever developed to support the economy
c. the president instituted a cautious policy of land redistribution
d. the wealth of natural resources was used to develop industry

20. Tanzania's government turned around the country's failing economy by
a. forcing people to move into towns and to work on collective farms
b. paying farmers a price for their crops that allowed them a profit
c. creating government mining companies to mine the natural resources
d. obtaining foreign loans that allowed the buildup of small industry
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