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Posted by lovely on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 2:32am.

Can someone check my answers to these (5) fallacy to see if I have matched them correctly . Thanks !

1. On a radio ad : "Have you been fatigued , irritable , moody ? If these symptoms are ignored ,you might become depressed or even suicidal ! Ward off the blues by taking a pill proven to cheer you up . Millions of people have , and they're glad they did . (hasty generalizing fallacy ) ?

2. From a study group member : "I just don't get it . One minute she says she's coming , and then the next , she calls to cancel . I wonder if we can trust that the articles she submitted are what we need !" ( red herring /smokescreen fallacy ) ?

3About an already -attractive home interior : "I don't know why we started this home renovation if we're only doing two of the rooms. Either way , it won't look right unless we redo the entire house. (post hoc fallacy )?

4. I don't care if she is the top psychiatrist in the state ! Her theory on sibling rivalry is extreme. How can we believe anything she says if she subscribes to theories of that nature? (scare tactics fallacy )?

5.From one mom to another : " I can't believe Shelia lets her kids watch that garbage ! I always knew she wasn't very strict . Now our kids will be over there watching that junk , too !" (perfectionist fallacy ) ?

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