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Suppose you have a friend named Ed. He and his four friends are having ice cream. There are only three flavors available at the ice cream store they are visiting: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. One of Ed’s friends, Stacey, eats chocolate exclusively. How many different kinds of cones can they make? They may have only singles, doubles, and triples. Create one or more number sentences that would support your conclusions. Post your solution as a response to this thread.

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    In a lot of word problems, the trick is to be able to pick the information which is relevant and ignore the irrelevant data.
    The main question is "how many different kinds of cones can they make"?

    there are 3 flavours and 3 sizes, so the number of ways to make cones is
    3x3 or 9 different cones.

    The fact that you have a friend called Ed and he has 4 friends has nothing to do with it.
    Also the fact that Stacey only likes chocolate does not matter since the choice of chocolate is included in our number.

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