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At a club play, 117 tickets were sold. Adults' tickets cost $1.25 and
children's tickets cost $0.75. In all, $129.75 was taken in. How many of
each kind of ticket were sold?

I don't know how to set up the equation.

Work Done
Is it:
1.25x + 0.75y=129.75
this is what I've done but it doesn't seem right!

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    but you also know that x+y = 117 from which
    y = 117-x

    now plug that into your first equation and continue.

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    By process of elimination?

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    More like substitution.

    You already worked out the hard bit:

    1.25x + 0.75y = 129.75

    and Reiny pointed out that

    y = 117-x

    So you can replace (substitute) y in your equation:

    1.25x + 0.75(117-x) = 129.75

    and I'm sure you can see your way home from there.

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    Ok...I got it now, Thanks

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