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algebra (word problem)

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you are in charge of bringing snacks to a picnic. you decide to buy grapes and pretzels. the grapes are $2.39 per pound and the pretzels cost $1.89 a bag. you have $11 to spend. write an equation that models to different amounts of grapes and pretzels that you can buy.

I think I need to write this in y=mx+b formula.. if that's possible..


is that right?

thanks in advance

  • algebra (word problem) -

    You would first of all have to define what the x and y represent.
    From your equation I concluded that
    y is the number of pounds of grapes and x the number of pounds of pretzels.

    Why is it necessary to change the equation to the form you have, I would write it as
    189x + 239y = 1100

    Your equation is correct.

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