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A spherical tree ornament is to be painted in bright colors. If the ornament has a diameter of 4 cm,
how much paint is needed?

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    Wouldn't it depend on how well the paint covers area?

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    The amount of paint you need is the exact same amount of area the ornament has.

    The problem tells you that the ornament is a sphere, so the formula for area is

    A = &pid2

    since we know d=4cm them we have

    A = &pi*(4cm)2

    Since A = the amount of paint we found the answer 16cm2

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    In contrast to michael's post, the formula for the surface area of a square is actually

    A = 4 (pi)* r^2

    Since the diameter is 4, the radius = 2, so

    A = 4 (pi) * 4 = 16 (pi) = 16 (3.1416) = ?

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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