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How do you factor 1/2x^3-x so that the zeroes can be found? Thank you-Adriana

  • Algebra -

    I think you mean


    factoring the denominator
    x(2x^2-1)= x(xsqrt2-1)(xsqrt2+1)

  • Algebra -

    (1/2)x(x^2 - 2) = 0
    x = 0 or x = ± √2

  • Adriana - Algebra -

    See how the same question can be interpreted in more than one way if you don't use brackets?

    I read it as (1/2)x^3-x
    bobpursley read it as 1/(2x^3-x)
    or why not 1/(2x^3) - x ?

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