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3rd grade

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Dean works with baby animals at a Zoo. This week he measured a giraffe, an ape and a tiger. The tiger had grown 4 inches less than the giraffe. The giraffe had grown twice as much as the ape. The baby ape had grown 6 inches since it was measured the last time.
How many inches had the tiger grown?
show your work and explain your answer.

  • 3rd grade -

    This is not third grade.

  • 3rd grade -

    deff. not 3rd grade.. but anyways..

    say tiger= giraffe-4inches
    girafee= 2 x ape
    ape= 6 inches

    giraffe= 2 x 6= 12 inches

    tiger= 12 inches - 4 inches =8 inches

  • 3rd grade -

    The giraffe grew 12in. The tiger grew 8in.

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