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Homework Help: Physics Fluids

Posted by Physics Fluids on Friday, October 23, 2009 at 5:20pm.

When a crown of mass 14.7 kg is submerged in water, an accurate scale reads only 13.4 kg. Is the crown made of real gold?

Ok How do I do this problem

I set up my free body diagram

Net Force = ma = 0= Ft + Fb - Fg

were Ft is the force of tension on the scale that was used to measure it's apparent weight

- Ft = Fb - Fg
Ft = Fg - Fb
Ft = (mass of object)g - (density of fluid)g(volume of fluid)

density of object = (mass of object)/(volume of object)

mass of object = (density of object)(volume of object)

plug chug

Ft = (density of object) (volume of object)g - (density of fluid)g(volume of fluid)

ok were do I go from here I think that the volumes are suppose to be the same but I do not see how.

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