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please check these:
1. During which of the following time periods was copper discovered and agriculture advanced to the point where people did not have to depend on native vegetation and animal life to survive?
a. Iron Age
b. Stone Age
c. Bronze Age
d. Industrial Age


2. Which of the following inputs to a technological system is essential for providing organized data?
a. materials
b. information
c. tools
d. finances


3. Profit-centered companies move technology through three stages as tehy meet human needs and wants. Which of the following is the proper order of these stages?
a. production, research and development, and marketing
b. research and development, production, and marketing
c. research and development, marketing, and production
d. production, marketing, distribution


  • Technology -

    Organized data about the design,production,operation,maintenance,and service of human made products and structures is known as

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