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Using Planck's constant as h=6.63 E-34 J*s, what is the wavelength of a proton with a speed of 5.00 E6 m/s? The mass of the proton is 1.66 E-27 kg. Remember to identify your data, show your work, and report the answer using the correct number of significant digits and units.

m=1.66 v=5.00 h=6.63

(6.63)/ (1.66 x 5.00) = 6.63/8.3=0.79

My answer is 0.79 E-34 m. Is this correct?

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    Your work makes no sense to me
    What you have, I think, is that

    Where did you get that?

    Most of us use this:
    Energy= h*c/lambda where c is the velocity of light, and lambda is wavelength.

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