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French Revolution

1.Why did the trial of the king happen?
2.Which years were known as the "Reign of Terror"?
3.Describe 3 events that happened during these years.
4.Who were guillotined during the Reign of Terror? How many people in total?
5.What 5 changes did RObespierre make while he was in office?
6.What event concluded the Reign of Terror?
7.Which group was anxious to bring peace to the revolution? How did they get their name?
8.Which government replaced Robespierre and what did that signify for France?
9.Who called himself the "Emperor of France"?

1.The trial & execution of the king occured because the more moderate members of the government had lost out to the Jacobins & the Sans-Coulottes.

2.The years 1793-1794 are known as the "Reign of Terror."

3.During this year the revolutionary government got extraordinary powers and passed a number of harsh laws designed to intimidate or eliminate anyone who disagreed with the radical Jacobins. The law of suspects, for example, provided for the arrest of anyone of noble family or who had held office before revolution. Also a complete reorganization of the armed forces, and new legislation was passed to regulate business.

4.Food Speculators were guillotined. 37 000 people in total.

5.He destroyed all opposition to the government and made sweeping changes in France. He modernized the country in many ways, such as he introduced the metric system, as well as a Revolutionary Calender, also the army was made more efficient, and new schools as well as universities were set up to give people education. He also confiscated all the property of the emigres.

6.Robespierre's death,concluded the Reign of Terror.

7.Radical Jacobins were anxious to bring peace to the revolution. They got their name by the revolutionary calendar, after the 11th month.

8.The Directory replaced replaced Robespierre. I don't know what that signified for france.

9.Napoleon Bonaparte.

Is this right? I need help on # 8, 2nd part.Thanks.

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