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An object has a gravitational potential energy of 24 joules when it rests on a shelf 3 m above the ground. What would be its gravitational potential energy when it is lowered to a shelf 1 m above the ground?

o A. 8 joules

o B. 12 joules

o C. 22 joules

o D. 72 joules

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    PE = mgh
    Therefore m = PE/(g x h)
    m = 24/(9.8 x 3)
    m = 0.82kg
    Now the object is moved to 1m above the ground.
    PE = mgh
    PE = 0.82 x 9.8 x 1
    PE = 8.036
    Round off to 8 (A)
    Alternatively, you could divide 24J by 3, as this is the change in height difference. But you may be marked down if proper work is not shown.

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