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A particular metallic element, M, has a heat capacity of 0.36 J*g*K, and it forms an oxide that contains 2.90 grams of M per gram of oxygen.

(a) Using the law of Dulong and Petit (Cp x M = 25 J*mol*K), estimate the molar mass of the metal M [Answer: _____ g/mol]

(b) From the composition of the oxide (2.90 g M/g O) and the molar mass of oxygen (16 g/mol), determine the mass of M that combines with each mole of oxygen [Answer: _____ g M/mol O]

(c) Use your estimate of the atomic mass from question (a) and the information from question (b) to determine the empirical formula of the oxide (the moles of M that combine with each mole of O) [Answer: _____]

(d) Now that you know the composition of the oxide and its formula, what is the accurate value of the atomic mass of the metal M? What is the identity of M? [Answer: _____ g/mol]

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