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Assignment: Do newspapers, magazines, television, radio, movies, the Internet, and other media determine what is important to most people?

In modern society, people gain most of their information through the media, such as the newspaper, the radio and the television. Some people believe that the media shapes the values of most of us because people tend to pay more attention to the information that the media focuses on. As far as I am concerned, the media doesn¡¯t decide what is important to the majority. Indeed, the media tell us what they think can attract our attention, but it does not mean that the information is really important to us.
For example, the media always puts much emphasis on the personal life of Paris Hilton. People are overwhelmed by the news headlines on her every day. But does it mean that her information is of significant to the society or worths our attention. No. Who cares who she dates with! Who cares she was sent to jail for her violation of driving! Who cares she publicized her sexual tape! Most of the news has nothing to do with us and is of no value to the society. Though the media pay much attention to her, her personal life is worthless to the majority. In other words, what the media regards as newsworthy is not necessarily important to most people.
On the other hand, what the media always ignores is sometimes of valuable to people. Zhangjun, a small town in the mountainous areas of China, is a place where people are so poor that they are even unable to afford the food. In the last few years, my family strove to obtain information of this small town. To our disappointment, the media never pay any attention to those people who struggle to survive. Our friends in China are the only sources of information of the town. However, their lives still attract our eyes. Although the media put little emphasis on them, their information is of great value to the people who want to know more about them and to help them.
The examples above demonstrate that it is we rather than the media that decide what is important to us.

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