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technology for Spanish?

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Could you give me a link where I can try and download accent marks? I have tried going on some sites and I can't download accent marks.

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    I tried doing alt with 164, etc. But with a screen reader, alt and then 1 has another function so i can't do an accent.

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    A week or more ago, Mathmate posted this for French, so there has to be one for Spanish, too.

    "You may also want to consider adding a keyboard language to which you can switch when you type in French texts. See for example: "

    On your regular keyboard, making sure you have a number pad at the right (you can't do the following with the numbers across the top of the regular keyboard), try this if you have a PC:

    Hold down the Alt key as you press 0225 on the number pad = á (accent over lower-case "a"). Here are some other codes. Just remember to hold down the Alt key as you press these numbers on the number pad:

    0233 = é
    0237 = í
    0241 = ñ
    0243 = ó
    0252 = ü
    0250 = ú

    0192 = À
    0201 = É
    0205 = Í
    0209 = Ñ
    0211 = Ó
    0220 = Ü
    0218 = Ú

    0191 = ¿
    0161 = ¡

    You can see all the codes in here:
    Pay attention only to the "Char" and "Code" columns; ignore the symbols & and # and ; -- know that you are only going to use Alt and 0 and the three-number codes for the accented letters and other symbols you want.

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    If you are on a PC, with windows, go to control panel, regional and languages, keyboard, add language.

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    ñ % é

    Yes!! Yes! Yes!!!! I've got it working!
    Thank you so much, I changed the keyboard and then did alt and it worked.

    I'll be really happy if the screen reader can read in Spanish, too!

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    No, it can't read Spanish... I will still have to listen letter for letter.

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