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12th grade (Physics)

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A highway is to be built between two towns, one of which lies 44.0 km south and 74.0 km west of the other. What is the shortest length of highway that can be built between the two towns, and at what angle would this highway be directed?

  • 12th grade (Physics) -

    What does km stand for (I'm only in 4th grade)?

  • 12th grade (Physics) -


  • An motorbike traveling down the road at a constant speed emits sound waves from its siren.a boy stand on the side of the road with a detector which register sound waves at a frequency of 460 hz as the motorbike approaches him.after passing him and moving away at the same constant speed,sound waves of frequency 390 hz registered.calculate the speed at which the motorbike is moving? -


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