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child development and human behavior

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1. Which of the following is a characteristic of middle childhood?

C. Gaining reading, writing, and mathematical skills

2. If you require children in middle childhood to spend much time in quiet activities, they

C. may develop nervous habits such as fidgeting and nail-biting.

3. Cognition refers to

B. intellectual activity.

4. When a child understands that things and events continue to exist even though one can’t see or hear
them, we say that the child understands

A. object permanence.

5. How do three- to six-month-old children usually communicate?

C. By cooing

6. Which of the following statements best defines dialects?

A. Dialects are the result of deficient language skills.

7. Extremely autonomous children

A. usually have strict discipline at home.

8. According to Erikson, lack of identity is

A. typical in adolescence.

9. Social learning theories help us understand that

A. five-year-old children can’t do concrete operations.

10. A teacher aide can use modeling to

A. encourage students to change behaviors.

11. Which of the following factors helps a child develop a positive self-concept?

A. Family relationships

12. Teachers can improve a student’s self-esteem by

C. controlling the learning environment.

13. Attempts at suicide are

D. a form of delinquency

14. Generally, males _______ than females.

B. are more resistant to sex role stereotyping

15. Which of the following is the best statement about delinquency?

A. It’s encouraged among some social groups.

16. The pre-operational stage of development is characterized by

A. feelings of inferiority.

17. Adolescence is associated with

B. concrete operations. D

18. Syntax refers to

C. the grammatical order of words.

19. Hormones have a powerful effect on

A. emotional and social development.

20. Which of the following statements best describes the preconceptual stage of pre-operational thinking?

A. It occurs between the ages of four and seven.

  • child development and human behavior -

    We'd need to see the complete list of choices to check your answers.

  • child development and human behavior -

    These are wrong: #s 6, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 17.

    I'm not sure about the correct answer to # 13.

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