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Which reactants could be used safely to prepare potassium chloride?

1. aqueous potassium hydroxide and dilute hydrochloric acid
2. aqueous potassium sulphate and aqueous sodium chloride
3. potassium and aqueous sodium chloride

The answer is 1, but i don't really know how to get this answer. I know that 1 is a neutralisation reaction, but what about reaction 2 and 3? Shouldn't number 2 and 3 be reasonable as well? Please help me!

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    1 has the product KCl and water, the water can be evaporated off
    2. has the products KCl AND Na2SO4, both soluble, and not easily separated
    3. products are KOH, H2, and KCl. How would one get rid of the KOH?

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