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Homework Help: Geography

Posted by mysterychicken on Monday, October 19, 2009 at 6:53pm.

1. the Palestinians were left without a homeland
a. after the Islamic religion was established
b. because Palistine was given to Ottomans
c. as a result of the Arab-Israeli War of 1948
d. because in 1947 Jews made up 70 percent of Palestine

2. The Balfour Declaration stated Britain's support for
a. suspending rights of Arabs living in Palestine
b. the creation of a Jewish national home in Palestine
c. an independent Arab country in Europe
d. a larger Jewish immigration to Palestine

3.In Israel, large quantities of potash are extracted by evaporating the water from
a. desalination plants
b. the Dead Sea
c. the Sea of Galilee
d. the Jordan River

4. Israel has transformed the Negev Desert into a mostly fertile green land primarily with the use of
a. artificial rainfall
b. crop rotation
c. topsoil brought in from seaside locations
d. improved irrigation

5. After 1948, more than half the Jews immigrating to Israel were the generally poorer
a. Sephardic Jews
b. Ethopian Jews
c. European Jews
d. Russian Jews


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