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Sorry to post again

i don`t know if this answer is right for this question.
Is Christianity sexists ?...
There is a lot of discussion about whether Christianity is sexist. People who agree with this idea, such as feminists, claim that women should not be priests. They believe it is against the churches tradition to allow women to be a priest.

does that sound right im really struggling with this question i know i sound thick.
but im starting to panic because its ue in on wednesday i don't think i will finish it

  • writaecher -RE -

    You would need to use "anti-feminists" in this phrase.

    such as feminists

  • writaecher -RE -

    GuruBlue is right. All you have to do is use the term "anti-feminists" instead of "feminists" to straighten out your ideas.

  • writaecher -RE -

    I agree with Gurublue, you are suffering from muddled thinking. Since when is sexism a feminist issue? Sexism is sexism, whether it is directed against males or females.

    Why are you muddling the issue with feminism? It is a religious issue. It is a gender issue. There are religious folks on both sides of the issue. There are males and females on both sides. Why, why, are you red-flagging this as a "feminist" issue? I know well that the term "feminist" is an emotional term in some churches, almost up there with left=wing liberal or left-wing crusader. Stop falling for that fallacy: painting the issue in red-flag terms. Critical thinking (and some religious thinkers discourage that) requires you to focus on the issue.
    Is the Church Doctrine sexist? Is the Church practices sexist? Does the leadership of the church reflect one gender?
    Sexism: discrimination against women or men because of their sex
    The issue is NOT feminism, nor is it evil or goodness. The issue is does the church discriminate against women or men because of their gender, discrimination in policy, behavior, or leadership.

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