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AD Analysis (URGENT)

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I have to do an ad analysis on alcohol and I've decided to use a GREY GOOSE vodka ad.

Here's the question I'm having trouble with.

Why do you think the person who created this ad has presented substance use in this way?

I don't know how to answer it. All I can think of saying is "So they can sell their product"

If you have any suggestions on how I would go about answering this question please help.

Thank you very much.

  • AD Analysis (URGENT) -

    Please describe the ad, and I'll try to help you.

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    The colors of the advertisement are mostly dark, subdued and icy cold. They use variations on blue and gray as a background and foreground color. GREY GOOSE bottle is on top of a piece of ice, in which we can see the reflection of the bottle and glass on the ice. As the Name of GREY GOOSE suggests, the label of GREY GOOSE depicts crisp, tranquil, open landscapes, with lakes and icy mountains prominently displayed. Also, their French origin is indicated by the French flag on the bottle. They have included a list results from the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago as well.

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    The ad creator wanted the audience to relate nature, calmness, relaxation, and beauty to the product. Theoretically, if the consumer has a drink of Grey Goose, he'll feel calm and imagine he's in the beauty of the natural world.

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    Thank you very much Ms. Sue

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    You're very welcome, John.

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