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Another one.
I get real confused with all this
Multiply, Simplify if possible
3x^3/11q^3 * 121q^6/9x
the answer I got was
can you please show me how if it is wrong

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    Your answer is absolutely right, but just not yet simplified.

    You should see that you can divide by 3 top and bottom. That reduces the constants to 121 and 33.

    Now look at the x and q terms without the constants:


    Can you divide top and bottom by x? By q? By q again?

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    so it is

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    When you get confused because there are just too many letters and numbers, try to isolate them and look at one at a time. The secret of success is getting used to being confused. :-)

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    Thank you

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    You're welcome.

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    I was wondering is this right by factoring here is a example of what I am learning
    x^2-5x-24/x^2-6x+9 * x-3/x-8
    the answer that they got was
    I am so confused because there are two examples and I am not sure what is right

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    x^2-5x-24 = (x-8)(x+3)
    x^2-6x+9 = (x-3)(x-3)

    Make sure you understand these two first!

    Factoting x^2 + ax + b, you look for two numbers that ADD to a, but MULTIPLY to b. So in the first case, 6*4 = 24, but they don't add to 5, no matter where I put the minus. But -8 * 3 and -8 + 3 give me the answer I want.

    I don't get the answer you give for the whole expression. Are the brackets in the right place?

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    Ah. I see. I was reading it differently.

    (x^2-5x-24) (x-3)
    --------- * ------
    (x^2-6x+9) (x-8)

    = ((x-8)(x+3)(x-3))/((x-3)(x-3)(x-8))

    x-8 and x-3 cancel top and bottom, and leave you with:


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