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you are at the music store looking for CDs. the store has CDs for $10 and $15. you have $55 to spend. write an equation that represents the different numbers of $10 and $15 CDs you can buy.

hmm now.. how do i do this?

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    your equation will be
    10x + 15y = 55 or
    2x + 3y = 11 or 2x = 11 - 3y

    now we want only positive integer values of x and y.
    clearly x < 6 and y < 4
    Furthermore, if y is even, 11 - 3y will be odd, therefore x cannot be an integer.
    So y has to be odd, and less than 4

    Mmmm now, what do you think?

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    thank you very much!! xx (=

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