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Posted by Mark Russel on Saturday, October 17, 2009 at 10:09pm.


1. a is directly proportional to b.If a=15,then b=9
2. m varies directly as n.If n=2/3,then m=1/4
3. T varies as the square root of L. If L=81,then T=10
4.r varies directly as the square of t. If t=16,then r=6.
5. y varies as the cube foot of x. If x=27,then y=2.
6. y is directly proportional to x. If y=15 when x=4,find y when x=5.
7. m varies directly as n. If m= -6 when n=2,find m when n=-3
8. The square of x varies directly as the cube of y. When x=2,y=4,find y when x=8

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