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im learnin about y=mx+b

1.describe the line you think each equation represent

Y=x, y=5, x=-3

2. The equation of a line is y=mx+2. determione the value of m when the line passes through each pint

D(12.5) s(1.-3)
e(-2.6) a(-5.1)

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    The best way to do question 1 is to draw a graph of each. Draw your x, y axes, then find two points on each of the lines, then use a ruler to draw the line that they're both on.

    Which two points? Any two will do, but it's easier to draw if they're not too close together.

    Take y=x. Pick a number, any number, say 2. When x=2, what is y? Well y=x and x=2 so y=2, so you have the point (2,2) Another point, say 0. When x is zero, y is zero, so now you have (0,0), the origin. Plot both points, draw a line between, and going off into the distance at both ends. Now describe that line.

    Question 2:

    y = mx + 2. All we have to do is substitute the point values for x and y, and solve for m. I'll do the first one, (12,5):

    y = mx + 2
    5 = m*12 + 2
    Subtract 2 from both sides:
    m*12 = 3
    Divide across by 12:
    m = 3/12 = 1/4

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