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Grammar and Composition

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1. The dialects of the Angles and the Saxons (is, ARE) ancestors of Modern English.

2. The Indians (LIVE, lives) on reservations.

3. I (LIKE, likes) playing such sports as basketball, football, and baseball.

4. The rules in the textbook (is, ARE) guidelines for using standard English.

5. Mastery of English rules (lead, LEADS) to improvement in speaking and writing.

6. Correct spelling, in addition to correct grammar, (IS, are) an essential in writing skills.

7. People in the business world (LOOK, looks) carefully at application letters and resumes.

8. Each of the runners (try, TRIES) to outdo the other.

9. Cakes and cookies (BAKE, bakes) in the oven.

10. The books on the shelf(NEED, needs) dusting.


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    11. Both Dr. and Mrs. Shaffer (AGREE, agrees) to be chaperones for the spring formal.

    12. She (HAS, have) been washing the clothes.

    13. Several students (was, WERE) studying for their final test.

    14. The poster near the entrance doors (give, GIVES) the directions to the offices inside.

    15. Joe and Jon (COLLECT, collects) baseball cards for a hobby.

    16. Mrs. Marcus and Mr. Taylor (was, WERE) working on a project together.

    17. The audience (APPLAUD, applauds) as the magician makes the jet disappear.

    18. Neither Marcy or Kristy (want, WANTS) to go to the detention center.

    19. Grizzly bears (was, WERE) the topic of last week's Boy Scout meeting.

    20. The coach and the baseball players (DISCUSS, discusses) the strategy for winning the game.

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    21. I want to visit the West coast and (seeing, SEE) all the sites.

    22. Nicole likes to play the piano, to march in the band, and (TO SING, sing, singing) in the chorus.

    23. It is important to work quickly and (accurate, ACCURATELY)

    24. Mr.Miller was recognized for being an outstanding citizen, being a community leader, and (BEING, to be) an active leader.

    25. An essay by an honor student (HAD, have) been written for the contest.

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    I disagree with 17.

    The rest are right!

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    so did i. but here's what my book says:

    'collective nouns can be either singular or plural. if they refer to a group as a unit, they are singular. if they refer to the individuals within the group, they are plural.
    ex. the audience applauds the speaker. (singular)
    the audience gives their attention to the speaker.


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    This one is a matter of perception. You may see individual audience members applauding. I see the audience as whole applauding because I can't hear any indivuals clapping their hands.

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