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Homework Help: Grammar and Composition

Posted by y912f on Friday, October 16, 2009 at 11:29am.

please check these:

1. They had (sing, sang, SUNG) all the songs (good, BETTER, best) than the (good, better, BEST) choir at the competition.

2. An American should be (PROUD, more proud, most proud, prouder, proudest) of (HIS/HER, their) country.

3. He caught the (many, more, MOST) fish of anyone in our group.

4. (JEFF'S, Jeffs', Jeffs) cold is (bad, WORSE, worst) than hers.

5. Jane is the (more, MOST) admired person in our family.

6. Today was (MORE, most) enjoyable than yesterday.

7. Joe is a (good, BETTER, best) friend than Tom.

8. We will arrive (soon, SOONER, soonest) than we thought.

9. Harold stays up the (late, later, LATEST) of them all.

10. The wife examined the ring (MORE, most) closely than (HER, his) husband.

11. The car (sound, SOUNDS) like it needs to go for repairs.

12. We waited so long for dinner that anything would (has, had, HAVE) tasted wonderful.

13. Her garden (HAD, have) become dried and brown in the drought.

14. She (HAD, have) always thought about her future.

thanks :)

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